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    Amazon Gift Cards are an amazing gift option for indecisive individuals. What makes this gift so great is the fact that the recipient can choose between millions of items across Amazon’s store. If you’re worried that these cards will expire as most others do, don’t worry - gift cards never expire.

    Gift card recipients will be able to choose their own gift and purchase it on the spot. Or, they could wait for an awesome Black Friday sale and use the gift card to score amazing deals. If the gift card recipient, for some reason, doesn’t want to use the gift card and wants to exchange it for cash instead, that is also a viable option. They can sell the gift card code on various gift card exchange websites and services.

    Redeeming an Amazon Gift Card is both easy and convenient. The recipient receives a gift card with a unique code in their inbox. All they need to do is to log in to their Amazon accounts, open their account settings, enter the unique code, and the amount will be fully applied to their account. Very quick and easy.

    Once the amount has been applied to the recipient’s account, they can choose to spend it as they wish. Amazon always offers incredible discounts, so they might even get their favorite item on sale. Get your Amazon Gift Card now and surprise your loved ones.


Amazon Clinic is a virtual healthcare service over text chat
Amazon Clinic is a virtual healthcare service over text chat

Amazon has launched a new virtual health service that gives you a way to consult healthcare professionals for common conditions and get prescriptions for them without heaving to make a video call. This new product is called Amazon Clinic, and it offers a text-based solution that connects you with third-party virtual care options. You can choose among Amazon's partner telehealth providers, but the purpose of your consultation has to be in the service's list of accepted conditions, which include acne, hair loss, acid reflux, pink eye, sinusitis and UTI. You can also use the service to get prescription renewals for conditions like asthma, high blood pressure and migraine. This is but the latest product Amazon has introduced in its bid to delve deeper into the healthcare sector. The e-commerce giant launched Amazon Pharmacy to deliver discounted prescription medicine to Prime members in 2020, and it entered a deal to purchase primary healthcare company One Medical for $3.9 billion in July. Amazon used to offer an app-based telehealth service called Amazon Care to its employees and other companies across the US, but it was shut down by the end of September. According to a previous Washington Post report, company senior vice president of health Neil Lindsay told employees that while "enrolled members have loved many aspects of Amazon Care, it is not a complete enough offering for the large enterprise customers [the company has] been targeting, and wasn’t going to work long-term."Unlike Care, Clinic wasn't designed to be an enterprise offering. At the beginning of your consultation on the service, you'll have to select your condition and choose your preferred provider from the list of partners before answering a short questionnaire. You'll then be connected to a secure messaging portal where you can chat with a healthcare professional, who'll send you a personalized treatment plan. They can also send your preferred pharmacy — one of the options, of course, is Amazon Pharmacy — any necessary prescriptions. You'll remain connected to your healthcare professional for up to two weeks after your initial chat, and you can send them follow-up messages within that time. While the service doesn't accept insurance right now, you can pay with an FSA or HSA debit card or get your receipt reimbursed when possible. You do have to pay a flat fee upfront, which is dependent upon your condition. Amazon says that the cost of care is equivalent or less than the average copay in many cases. As for medication, coverage varies, but you can use insurance to pay for it. Amazon Clinic is only available in 32 states at the moment, though the company is hoping to expand its reach to additional states over the coming months.

Samsung SSDs are up to 67 percent off at Amazon
Samsung SSDs are up to 67 percent off at Amazon

If you’re looking to buy additional storage for your PC or PlayStation 5, you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to score a deal on some of the best solid-state drives on the market. Ahead of Thanksgiving, Amazon is holding a sale on Samsung storage gear, including the company’s excellent NVMe models. PS5 owners will want to turn their attention to the Samsung 980 Pro. After a 53 percent discount, the 2TB model with heatsink is $190, down from $400. It’s the perfect plug-and-play upgrade for Sony’s latest console, meeting all the compatibility and cooling requirements set out by the company .Buy Samsung 980 Pro at Amazon - $119 and upAmazon has also discounted the non-heatsink versions of the 980 Pro and 970 Evo. The latter is the highlight here. At the moment, you can grab the 2TB model for $160, rather than $500. The 500GB is also discounted by 54 percent, making it $60 at the moment. Both the 980 Pro and 970 Evo are great options if you want to add a fast Gen4 NVMe to your PC – just make sure you have a compatible motherboard and processor . If you want to give life to an older PC, Samsung’s excellent SATA SSDs are included in the sale .Those looking for portable storage are also in luck. The 1TB and 2TB versions of the T7 Shield are currently 44 and 48 percent off , respectively. That means you can get the more expensive model for $150, and the 1TB variant for a record low of $90. Best of all, all three colorways – blue, black and biege – are included in the sale. The T7 Shield is an Engadget favorite. The combination of USB 3.2 Gen 2 support and IP65-certified protection make it a great option for anyone who wants a fast and reliable backup solution.Buy Samsung T7 Shield at Amazon - $90 and up One last product worth highlighting is the Samsung EVO Select microSD . Amazon has discounted all four models, with the 512GB variant receiving the largest price cut. After a 47 percent discount, you can get that version for $45. It typically retails for $85. The EVO Select microSD is a great option for those looking to beef up their Nintendo Switch with fast storage. Make sure to check out the rest of the sale to see if there's something else that might fit your needs.Get the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers by following @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribing to the Engadget Deals newsletter.

Amazon orders limited series about the FTX crypto exchange scandal
Amazon orders limited series about the FTX crypto exchange scandal

The Russo brothers are creating a series for Amazon based on the story of how FTX, which was once one of the most well-known crypto exchanges, met such a swift and scandalous end. According to Variety, Amazon has approved a limited series adaptation with eight episodes and is looking to start production by spring next year. David Weil, who previously worked with the Russo brothers in their Prime Video series Citadel, will write and executive produce the pilot episode. Meanwhile, Anthony and Joe Russo, known for directing four Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, are reportedly in talks of directing on top of serving as the show's executive producers. FTX filed for bankruptcy last week after a series of events ultimately led to its collapse in a short amount of time. The exchange's FTT tokens had plummeted in value earlier this month after rival exchange Binance announced that it was going to sell its remaining FTTs due to "recent revelations." A few days before Binance decided to liquidate all its FTTs, CoinDesk had reported that Alameda Research, the trading firm that was founded by then-FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, was mostly backed by FTT tokens. "The situation adds to evidence that the ties between FTX and Alameda are unusually close," CoinDesk wrote. Alameda had reportedly been having financial issues and was allegedly using FTX customers' deposits to pay debts.Smaller investors and ordinary customers also sought to get out upon smelling trouble in the air and submitted requests for withdrawals, which caused a liquidity issue. Binance initially agreed to bail out FTX by buying it but ultimately backed out of the deal. After that, FTX filed for bankruptcy, and Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO. There's a lot more to the story, including the mystery of where billions of dollars of missing or stolen funds had gone, that the Russo brothers could include in their show. It's still unclear what source material the Russos are planning to use, but Variety says the show could be based on "insider reporting" by journalists who've been investigating the FTX scandal. They're also reportedly in talks with multiple Marvel actors to play key roles in the series. Before Amazon confirmed that it was working on a show based on FTX, Deadline reported that Apple was close to signing a seven-figure deal for the rights on a book about Bankman-Fried and the crypto exchange that's being written by Michael Lewis. That's the same author behind Moneyball, The Big Short and The Blind Side. Unlike Amazon, Apple is reportedly planning to turn Lewis' book into a feature film.